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Software that seamlessly integrates rostering, attendance and payroll

ClockOn Rostering

Accurate labour cost control

The ClockOn Rostering module employs an advanced graphical interface to satisfy the most demanding requirements of both medium and small scale business. Rostering by individual or role, this module offers the additional benefit of precise labour cost control and budgeting. Available on monthly subscription, Rostering can be seamlessly combined with other ClockOn modules.

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ClockOn Time and Attendance

Effective time tracking

The ClockOn Time and Attendance module speeds the recording of shift and break times using world class Suprema biometric terminals. The technology is fast and extremely reliable, saving both time and money. Available on monthly subscription, Time and Attendance can be seamlessly combined with other ClockOn modules.

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ClockOn Payroll

Managing awards and agreements

The ClockOn Payroll module has been developed to meet the requirements of a broad range of industries. Specific rules applied to individual employees at payroll cover the full spectrum of award conditions and other employment contracts, including allowances and pay rate changes. The Rule Engine used to achieve this is user configurable, allowing extreme adaptability and flexibility. Available on monthly subscription, Payroll can be seamlessly combined with other ClockOn modules.

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ClockOn GO

Mobile and Push Messaging Advantage

ClockOn GO is our state of the art mobile self service and remote tracking application. GO records employee location in a map display in addition to times worked.

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ClockOn Bureau Services

Let us do the hard work for you

Available as a monthly subscription, ClockOn offers a full range of payroll services. The customer organisation is required to submit electronic timesheet information at the end of each pay period, employing the ClockOn Web Portal, ClockOn GO or the direct recording of times with fingerprint scanners. This service may be on an emergency, temporary or permanent basis. In addition to the basic outsourced service, the user is granted direct access to selected functions of their hosted ClockOn system, including roster management and a broad range of reports. 

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ClockOn Education and Training

Personalised Program

ClockOn offers customised education and training programs, including refresher courses. We conduct training sessions either as interactive webinars or face to face instruction. Each course is limited to one hour’s duration so as to reduce disruption to a minimum during normal working hours.

Please call us on +61 2 4344 9444 to arrange an appointment.

ClockOn Professional Services

Knowledge and experience

The ClockOn team has developed a large resource of knowledge and experience in all aspects of employment through long term, collaborative relationships with our national customer base. As a result, we are able to offer excellent consulting and advisory services to both new and old users.

Please call us on +61 2 4344 9444 to arrange an appointment.

ClockOn Support

It’s our professional obsession

Our highly motivated support team prides itself on providing our customers with the best possible solutions to their problems in the shortest possible time. Using state of the art technology, our staff provides support with minimal disruption to your business.

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